From our Indiana manufacturing facilities in Elkhart & Syracuse, we proudly build industry-leading products including Hurricane Deck Boats and Godfrey Pontoon Boats (Sanpan, Aqua Patio and Sweetwater).

In fact, many of the products and innovations you see in the market today were created through the innovative minds at our companies. For instance, we developed the very first aluminum pontoon boat way back in 1958. It was a Sanpan, and it debuted at the Chicago World’s Fair. We also created the original deck boats back in the 1970s with our Hurricane brand. 

And while we cherish our heritage, the future of the company is exciting. We work every day to produce the highest quality boats on the water and to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction for every model of every brand we build. In partnership with the best dealer network in the industry, our products will evolve as we continue to invest in research and development, production capacity, and our incredible workforce.